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This website was created by Schweitzer Project AG/s.p.a. (hereinafter referred to as ‘Schweitzer’) as a major component of its communication policy to provide online information on Schweitzer itself, the products it manufactures and the services and projects it offers.

Before navigating through and viewing the various pages of this website, every visitor is invited to carefully read the following terms and conditions, as by using this website you declare your full and express acknowledgement of these terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions of use of the content of this website:

a) Copyright (in connection with the content of this website)

Unless indicated otherwise on the various pages, all material published on this website at the domain and therefore all graphic elements of the user interface, images, illustrations, texts, drawings and videos that are not already subject to third-party copyright protection as well – is the exclusive property of Schweitzer and is therefore protected by Schweitzer.

Schweitzer reserves all rights to the aforementioned content of the website (copyright reserved); the content may not be copied, duplicated, transmitted, loaded, published or distributed in any way or for any reason, either fully or in part, without the prior written consent of Schweitzer. This does not include storage on your personal computer or printing out extracts intended exclusively for personal use, which is permitted.

Without providing any additional written warning, if its rights are violated, Schweitzer will immediately take legal steps to enforce them in line with the applicable national and international statutory regulations.

b) Trademarks

The ‘schweitzer’ name and logo are registered trademarks and the exclusive property of Schweitzer. The use or exploitation of these trademarks without the express permission of Schweitzer is illegal and will entitle Schweitzer to file for damages and an injunction.

The rights of their various owners notwithstanding, all trademarks and any references to private intellectual property rights that are not owned by Schweitzer are merely cited for the sake of information.

c) Use of contact data

Please note that it is expressly forbidden to use the information on the companies of the Schweitzer Group in the ‘Headquarters – Offices’ section, including telephone numbers and email addresses, for any promotional purposes, direct and/or indirect marketing purposes and/or market analyses.

d) Disclaimers

References, critiques and reviews are permitted as long as they are published along with the name of the author and a description of the source which includes a link.
The content on the Schweitzer website of – which, if necessary, can be altered at any time without prior notice – was created with the utmost care and checked thoroughly before publication.

Schweitzer cannot be held liable for users or third parties for any delays, inaccuracies, errors or omissions that may arise from website’s the content. However, we would be grateful if you could bring any errors or inaccuracies you find to our attention.

Schweitzer expressly accepts no liability for direct or indirect damage incurred by the user as a result of using or accessing this website, being unable to access the website, relying on the accuracy of the information on this website or using the information on this website.

e) Disclaimer for links

Links from other websites which lead to the main page (the homepage) of the website or any other page of the website (known as deep linking) do not require the prior consent of Schweitzer. However, please bring any such links to our attention.

However, Schweitzer reserves the right to demand that links to its website are removed if they are posted on websites with content that violates the national or international provisions on fair competition and/or generally damages the image of Schweitzer. The same applies to websites with content that is obscene, illegal, offensive or in any way immoral.

Framing and all similar forms of duplication are expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Schweitzer.

Our website may contain links to other websites (e.g. under ‘News’) that are not under the control of Schweitzer. Schweitzer therefore accepts no responsibility for the websites to which its pages link. These links are merely to be interpreted as a service for the users of the website.