Supply Chain

Our combination of own production facilities and a worldwide network of suppliers means we can offer our clients a strong MAKE-AND-BUY strategy for both small series and large quantities. And our global supply chain guarantees in-time rollouts.

We manufacture it.

The combination of our own production and long-time partners enable us to manufacture products quickly, while successfully handling the logistics of bulk business. Our strength lies in the optimization of production and logistics processes. Transparency, agility, cost control, and quality, are all coordinated during the planning phase. We reduce friction between planning and execution, and care of your needs, quickly, reliably and just in time. We do our own quality assurance during production, on receipt of goods, and before they leave our logistics centers, ensuring that we meet the quality standards we defined together with you. And with our Schweitzer app, you can stay up-do-date with each step of the process as they happen.

Thanks to our global locations we can provide services for all major international markets. We have extensive in-house manufacturing and assembly lines in EMEA, APAC, and North America. Our factory is equipped with all the latest machinery needed for high-end prototyping and individual production. The large, modern metal serial production facility in Hungary offers state-of-the-art manufacturing, and our cooling production center develops new refrigeration cases, which can be produced and implemented for rollout. Our BUY strategy gives us the freedom to purchase materials globally, based on a global supplier concept.


With decades of experience in craftsmanship, sound knowledge in wood, metal, and other material processing, the skilled workers in our facilities develop and manufacture a wide range of diverse solutions, from a single unit to series production.


We design and manage lean, flexible, and high-frequency rollouts through the entire supply chain. The never ending challenge of today’s ever-changing markets is met, and we take responsibility for all planning processes and ensure uniform timing and implementation quality, worldwide.

Just-in-time logistics

Our worldwide logistics hubs not only enable us to minimize inventory risks with modular solutions, but so allow just-in-time deliveries around the globe.