Based on the individual design and other product requirements, we develop prototypes for our customers that offer innovative and functional solutions for the specific application.

We do it.

To guarantee feasibility, all product requirements are taken into account. And to minimize possible product-specific risks even before the start of series production, we develop prototypes based on individual designs at our headquarters in South Tyrol. We use of state-of-the-art technologies in both the design and production phases to produce prototypes quickly, and at a lower cost. All forms of testing can be carried out by us on request or when arranged in cooperation with official bodies.

From idea to product.

Thanks to our in-house production capabilities, we’re able to produce prototypes in the shortest possible time while meeting quality standards. With great experience in materials, worldwide standards and the latest CAD programs, our technicians and engineers realize the product created by designers and planners according to customer-specific specifications. Thanks to our various mockup rooms, we can perfectly stage your product and thus offer you the ideal atmosphere for testing and discussion.

Prototyping is a matter of trust.

Whoever builds prototypes has responsibility. We greatly appreciate the trust our customers place in us and are committed to the strictest confidentiality. For testing and joint development work, our headquarters has six mock-up rooms of varying sizes. It is in our secure facilities where we can work together on top-secret developments without worrying about confidentiality.