To us, engineering means developing relevant solutions for today and tomorrow, optimally planned and implemented and at competitive conditions according to the wishes and requirements of our customers. We develop the future of your products.

We solve it.

With decades of expertise in materials, methods, and innovation, we can generate tailor-made and future-oriented solutions in our own technology centers and manufacturing facilities, which are characterized by their keen sense of material, technology, and engineering trends, and of course the future of consumer needs.

Targeted, flexible, customer oriented.

„Our customers particularly appreciate the fact that Schweitzer adapts to their individual requirements in a way that is complete and transparent. Each customer thus receives optimal and cost-efficient service.“

Christian Dempfle, COO Schweitzer Industries

From design idea to production

Taking into account each customer’s budget and requirements, our experts apply their skills to materials and techniques in order to realize the products in compliance with the design. Location-specific requirements are also taken into account to ensure maximum functionality.